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Last week we talked about the tale of two parades. Jesus rode into the Jerusalem on Sunday and the crowds sang Hosanna and laid palm leaves on the rode as they celebrated their king. Hope and anticipation abounded as they envisioned Jesus the Messiah to come a liberate them from Rome. But on the Thursday evening another parade began. It was over three hundred torches that lit the path to Gethsemane as Judas lead a parade of soldiers to come and arrest Jesus. The gospel writers go into detail describing the humiliation of Jesus as the power brokers of this world flexed their power to show him and all his followers who was the real king and power of this world. The parade would continue up to Calvary where the insults and public shaming would continue. Pilate has a plaque placed about Jesus' head to read, "the king of the Jews". He wanted all to choose which king they wanted to serve. The one in Rome with a crown and an unstoppable military or the one stripped, beaten, defeated, and dying on the cross. As we the disciples look at Jesus hanging on the cross all hope is lost. They fell defeated, lonely, and afraid of what may happen next. But Sunday came.......

We hope you will join us as we celebrate that Sunday morning when they found an empty tomb and realize that no king and not even death could defeat King Jesus.

#Easter #Resurrection

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