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Happy New Years

Happy New Years. Today, thanks to Sandra, we had hog jowl, peas, and greens. Hog jowl is supposed to bring health, peas – good luck, and greens money. I don’t like any version of greens (collard, mustard, turnip, etc.) therefore I have never seen the money come pouring in.

This is a Southern tradition, but new years resolutions seem to be universal. I want to offer up an ideal for you to add to your list of resolutions. This year pick a Christian virtue to add to your life. This could be a fruit of the Spirit or a virtue listed in the Bible like hospitality, love, self-control, forgiveness, thinking on things that are praiseworthy, or being an encourager. Pick one of these and make it a goal to add it to your life in your pursuit to be more like Jesus.

A couple of years ago Dana and I made a goal to be more hospitable. We did a pretty good job at talking to visitors and members, but we rarely had anyone over to our house. We hadn’t done this in the past due to fixing food, cleaning the house, time and energy it takes, fear of what to do to entertain someone, what if they don’t leave, etc. We decided to forge ahead and do this because hospitality is a Christian virtue. We have become more comfortable having people over, feel less anxious about entertaining, and we have not had anyone stay to 1:00 am. More importantly we have gotten to know people better than we would have in a conversation limited to the church building.

I hope this year you will pick one thing to grow in that will help you be more like Jesus. I will offer up a short list that may inspire you as you consider how to live out your faith this year.

  1. Be an encourager (cards, texts, calls)

  2. Practice hospitality.

  3. Feed the sick.

  4. Visit people.

  5. Forgive someone.

  6. Focus on the praiseworthy and noble characteristics of people.

  7. Be more patient.

  8. Look for opportunities to serve.

  9. Be grateful.

  10. Be generous.

  11. Invite people to church.

  12. Check up on people that are sick.

  13. Give away things you don’t need.

  14. Volunteer in your community.

  15. Try something new at church (teach a class, lead in worship, sit with someone different at fellowship meals)

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