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Back to Church - May 17

We are excited to announce that we will meet together at our building on Sunday May 17th. We will meet for worship only at 10:30 AM.

We have all missed seeing and being with one another and this will be a great reunion.

We will ask that everyone remember that while some may be going shopping and dining in at restaurants everyday others may be staying at home and keeping their distance.

Help everyone feel safe by practicing the following guidelines.

  1. Avoid handshakes and hugs. You may not care but others do and we don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable or be the bad guy that says no.

  2. Spread out across the building.

  3. a. Households should set together.

b. Don’t share a pew with another household.

c. Keep at least one pew between each household.

  1. We will use individual communion cups that contain the bread and juice.

  2. Collect and dispose of your own communion cup(s).

  3. Wipe down everything in the bathroom with Clorox Wipes when you use it (toilet seat, handles, sink area and knobs, door knob – throw wipe in trash by water fountain).

  4. If you feel sick, have a bad cough, or feel the need to limit contact with people don’t come. There are many churches live streaming their church services on Facebook or via their website and we will try our hand at live-streaming.

We hope to see you soon!!

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